Introductory phone call

This is a free 15min call for us to say hello and discuss how best we can work together. It's a chance for us to explore your goals and how we can address these in a way that works for you.

1-2-1 Initial consultation

Prior to your appointment, I will ask you to keep a food diary and complete a health questionnaire which you will need to bring with you to the consultation.

We will then start with a 75min session where we will get to know each other, understand what you are trying to achieve and discuss in detail your health and your family's health history. We will also do a deep dive into all of your bodily systems to get a full picture of what is going on.


Please note that during the consultation, I may recommend specific testing to be carried out at a GP's surgery, or if possible, at home.

Following the consultation, I will provide a bespoke written report with an explanation of dietary and lifestyle factors that may be contributing to any symptoms, along with a personalised nutrition, lifestyle and supplement programme designed to meet your requirements.

Weekly check-in 4 or 8 week package

For certain clients such as those looking to lose weight or change their body composition, having a 20/30min weekly check-in session is the best possible thing you can do to stay on track.


This will allow us to regularly tweak the plan for anything that you may be finding difficult, as well as providing you with a weekly touch point to ask any questions you have.

1-2-1 Follow-up consultation

Follow up consultations typically last around 45mins. They should be scheduled 4-6 weeks after your initial consultation to allow for your new diet and lifestyle to have had an impact on your health.

We will thoroughly review your progress and make any necessary amendments to the plan, as well as adjust for any new concerns that you may wish to discuss.

The number of follow-up consultations required completely depends on the individual as each case is unique, however a typical journey may include between 3-6 sessions.

Corporate Wellness 

Rolling out a corporate wellness programme is truly the best investment you can make in your employees. Not only do these sessions increase motivation, productivity and loyalty, they also reduce the number of sick days taken, resulting in a more efficient workforce for your business.

We provide flexible options and a range of off-the-shelf or bespoke workplace solutions that make it easy for health and wellbeing to become an integral part of your strategy for success.  

Choose from a series of informative seminars, 1-2-1 consultations or wellbeing programmes. These all offer a broad range of actionable tips based on the latest evidence-based science. 

Some of the latest popular webinars are listed below:

  • Nutrition 101: understanding the basics and easy wins

  • The Glorious Gut: understanding how bugs can shape our health

  • Food and Mood: nutrition and mental health

  • Sleep Hygiene: how to boost your zzz through nutrition and lifestyle

  • Stress: building resilience at work and home

  • Immunity: how to support the immune system

  • Get the glow: nutrition and skincare

  • Diet culture and myth busting 

  • Sports nutrition - from the basics to training for endurance

Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

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