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  • Sophie Pelling

Learning a new skill

Changing career paths is a challenge many of us will face at some point in our lives, with recent research finding just under half of us are currently unsatisfied in our current role. But how do you find time to train for a new career without quitting your job?

I been balancing a full-time career whilst studying to become a qualified nutritional therapist. Here is my advice on how to stay sane if your time is being pulled in ll different directions whilst trying to learn a new skill.

1. Organisation Make sure that you are, or can become, unbelievably organised. Leaving coursework deadlines to the last minute was okay at university, but when you unexpectedly have to work late in the office and have a deadline looming it can suddenly become very stressful. 2. Be prepared to work twice as hard It might sound obvious, but be prepared for a long, hard slog. People in your office may not care if you’re worried and losing sleep over an upcoming exam; you still need be able to get up on time and perform as normal at work. 3. Schedule time to relax ‘Me time’ has never been so important. You’ll find that you are exceptionally time poor and that you are either in the office, in lectures, studying, or cramming in some semblance of a social life. Make sure you also focus on yourself and find time to relax. 4. Be kind to yourself Remember that you are holding down a full-time job AND studying for a new skill. Some people doing your course won’t have a job at all, so don’t put pressure on yourself to compete with them. 5. Remember to enjoy it! At times you may feel overwhelmed and ask yourself

why you even signed up to the course in the first place…but remember that you chose to do this and might even be paying a hefty sum for the privilege. Focus on your long-term goal and what you hope to achieve at the end.

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